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In our fast-moving time full of fleeting impressions, Shira aspires to decelerate pace with her pictures. Her photo overpaints highlight and convey the uniqueness of subtle, sometimes ignored moments and details. 

The calm of her work's quiet allows for a timeless contemplation of the frequently overlooked, ephemeral beauty of the moment and nature's beauties.


Striding through life in rapid steps, the young artist found it increasingly difficult to engage with impressions of her surroundings. Overwhelmed by the stimuli of our modern world, she rarely stopped to find herself in the present. In nature, on the other hand, Shira found momentary standstill. She perceives it as a source of natural volatility, to which she devotes her undivided attention.


Peering through her camera at the tiniest intricacies of a wilting flower or other microorganisms, Shira feels like time stands still for a while. Fascinated by the transience of her motifs, they remind her of the uniqueness of life and the value of individual moments. While she paints over her photographs, she enjoys the memories of past experiences and artistically connects them with the present. 

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